Programs & Projects

Family Law/Legal Education Clinic Series

We continue to provide workshops and information sessions addressing a variety of topics related to family law, legal issues and safety in the context of Violence Against Women. Within this legal education program, the Sister Survival Skills series offers workshops on women’s safety concerns, for women only.


Thunder Bay Good Food Box


The Good Food Box is a non-profit program for families and individuals who want to purchase quality, fresh, local produce at a lower price than shopping at grocery stores. Family sized food boxes are $25, while individual boxes are $15. Participants pay for the Good Food Box on the first Thursday of each month at a neighbourhood host site. The boxes are dropped off at the host site on the second last Thursday of each month. For more information about the program or host site locations please call (807) 345-7819, or email

Buying a Good Food Box gives you a low cost way to get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to your neighbourhood or building. Produce is ordered from a local grocery store, and includes seasonal locally grown fruit and veggies. It is also a great way to get connected and involved in your community. Those interested in volunteering with the program are encouraged to contact the GFB co-ordinator at (807) 345-7819. Volunteers help sort and pack produce, coordinate host sites, help deliver to neighbourhood sites and contribute recipes and cooking tips to the newsletter. We rely on public funding and donations to support the program. Those who would like to make a donation to the program are welcome to do so. For more information on donations please visit Donate.


Analysis to Action on Gender-Based Violence

This four-year project aims to enhance the systemic advocacy work being done in the community to improve the status of women and to increase the capacity of our Centre, as well as other Thunder Bay and regional women’s organizations, to continue promoting social and systemic change towards gender equality.

The key activities of the AAGBV project include:

  • Working with local equality seeking women’s organizations and advocates to assess need of training for the target frameworks (AR, AO GBA, TIA, RP)
  • Survey women’s group and individual women to assess the forms of gendered violence; survey communities experiencing gender-based violence and the existing system response to GFB that require systemic action
  • Assessing local criminal court decisions on GFB cases and developing a feminist analysis of the outcomes
  • Develop an online connecting hub that links issues, analysis, and action that builds and shares a gendered analysis toward systemic change with other women’s organizations
  •  Hosting an annual “Think Tank” for local women and women’s organizations to learn and talk about current policy issues

For more information, please contact Steph Simko at

This project is funded by Government of Canada Department for Women and Gender Equality.


High Risk Navigation

Funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario, this project aims to support women, their children, and others who are at high risk of gender based violence, through the development of a cross-sectoral advocacy protocol. The project builds working connections and shares expertise, while providing training and knowledge exchange between women’s anti-violence advocates and legal system players.

Direction for the project is provided by an advisory committee consisting of members of the Thunder Bay and District Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse, to ensure all sectors are represented.

A central part of this work is to design a process that puts women who experience violence at the centre of the systemic response. The High Risk Navigator works with women across legal and social sectors to ensure they have ongoing, collaborative risk assessment and effective safety planning that is trauma informed, considers sociocultural factors and is culturally safe.

To build the capacity of our local systemic response to GBV, we will coordinate local training to education legal system personnel on core concepts of Anti Racism/Anti Oppression; intersectionality; cultural safety and gender based analysis. The capacity of trusted intermediaries in our community will also be enhanced by situating them as experts who can help educate the legal system players in women’s experience of violence and trauma informed response.

For more information, please contact Mehdia Hassan at